Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fundraising thru Canvas Bags and Saving Planet from Global Warming

This is a wonderful idea for school teachers to create awareness amonst pupils how they could help save this Planet by not using Plastic and using eco-friendly cotton fabric bags from and also in turn tell their parents about the important of using totes from

Help The Environment.. Go ECO !

Use Eco-friendly Cotton Shopping Bags

Customers are quite familiar with the use of plastic grocery bags while purchasing items from grocery stores. Since plastic bags create environmentalwaste that can’t be recycled either, most of today’s grocery stores prefer to go for reusable bags as a more eco-friendly option. Though paper bags constitute a good form of reusable bags but they cause certain problems that can never be ignored. Of course they can be recycled but the requirement of high energy consumption & enormous cutting down of trees have made them not so good choice for environment conscious people. That’s why reusable grocery bags made of clothes have started taking up paper bags these days. The Canvas shopping bag is one such variety that offers customers a safer way to shop. More over features like durability, lack of tipping over & more holding capacity of canvas shopping bag has made it the preferred choice among shoppers.

Actually canvas shopping bag is an inexpensive & environment-friendly bag made out of canvas or other cotton materials or varieties. Some grocery stores give away such bags to customers free of cost. Crafts and Creations, India helps you source these bags at affordable costs and also helps screen print/embroider your Logo

Why Canvas Shopping Bag?

Everybody may be pondering over reasons to use canvas shopping bags over plastic or paper grocery bags. In the light of advantages they offer, the decision seems quite justified.

  • The canvas shopping bag does not gather dust easily & if so can get cleaned without much effort.
  • They are light & small enough to get carried out easily & at all times.
  • They are inexpensive & hence can be put anywhere i.e. in the office, car & home as well without much fear about their getting lost.
  • They are found to support environmental causes & do not offer any kind of environment pollution and oil consumption.
  • The canvas shopping bags are safe as some of them are made from eco friendly fabrics, such as recycled cotton or hemp which are non-allergenic& non-toxic.
  • They are available in a wide range of attractive designs & colors which give them a much trendier look.

They do not tear away & last for years due to strong fabric.

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